Andrew Brightman

Andrew comes to Charlotte and Queen City News from Shreveport, LA where he was the morning meteorologist for three years.

Originally growing up just outside of Philadelphia in Southeastern PA, Andrew oddly has been more of a fan of the Boston area sports teams thanks to both of his parents growing up in New England (Tom Brady is the greatest living American). But he still has a passion for pizza and cheesesteaks (just no whiz, that’s gross).

Growing up Andrew has always had a deep passion for the weather and used the Weather Channel to help teach him geography, and started doing the weather on television at his local high school.

Andrew first went to Emerson College in Boston where he got his first bachelor’s degree in Broadcast Journalism while also playing on the varsity baseball team. After graduating in 2014 he decided that he did not have enough in student loans and returned to school for a second bachelor’s degree in meteorology from Penn State where he graduated in 2017.

From there it’s been a 5-year odyssey from Cheyenne, Wy to Shreveport, and now the Queen City. Andrew loves to play golf and is very excited to play the amazing courses around Charlotte with any foursome that will take him.

Also, he is looking forward to finally being in a city that has some decent city bike trails to get around on and get some fresh air enjoying this beautiful city. He is also looking forward to enjoying the great food and craft beer scene so if anyone has some hot tips, make sure to let him know!

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