Seema Iyer

Seema Iyer is a lawyer, journalist, and professional Indian dancer.  

After prosecuting criminals in the Bronx, Seema opened her own law firm in Manhattan in 2001 where she specialized in criminal defense and civil rights law and represented members of the NYPD.

Seema was a regular fixture on the original Court TV and then HLN. By 2011 Seema was frequently appearing on CNN and MSNBC commentating on politics, news, and law. In 2014 Seema became an MSNBC contributor and anchor – she hosted and produced her own live weekly digital show called The Docket. Seema often appeared on Morning Joe and almost daily on The Reverend Al’s Politics Nation

In 2017 Seema became a fill-in anchor for Ashleigh Banfield at HLN. This is where Seema decided to close her NYC law firm and pursue journalism full-time. By 2018 Seema was an anchor/investigative journalist for the ABC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio. In 2019 she was called upon to help relaunch Court TV in Atlanta as the chief female anchor. After leading Court TV’s coverage of the Harvey Weinstein trial from NYC, Seema left Court TV in April 2020 to finish writing her first book. 

Prior to law and journalism, Seema began dancing professionally. She has been trained in the ancient forms of Indian dance – Bharathanatyam, Mohiniattam, and Kuchipudi since the age of four and spent her childhood traveling the globe with her mother as troupe members with Padmini Ramachandran, the renowned South Indian dancer and Bollywood actress, starring in plays depicting Hindu epics such as Dasavatar, Ramayana, Krishna Leela, and Siddhartha. Most recently, Seema was the first American-born solo artist to tour in the illustrious Soorya Festival in South India. 

Seema, still a practicing attorney, is the Chief Legal Correspondent for Queen City News in Charlotte.

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