CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – If you ever need to know one thing about Will Adams, it’s that he has a love for his children.  It’s something that has guided him through his life in a variety of ways–namely, in how he has given back to his community.

Adams’ name is synonymous in Charlotte with those that need help, or are seeking justice–but not too long ago, it wasn’t like that.

“I had no clue of any of this until later, after my son got killed,” he said.

His son, Will, Jr., nicknamed “Trublue” was a teenager that was an innocent victim in a crime spree.  The man who admitted to killing him, and an elderly woman, is serving two life sentences.

Adams said it wasn’t until sometime later, after a popular community softball game that saw an unexpectedly high turnout, that he found a way to honor his son.

That way was a non-profit known as “Team Trublue”–a name that means more than that of his son.

“Together Reunited Under Brotherly Love Until Eternity,” he said.

Since the formation of the non-profit organization, Adams has been visible in the community–delivering toys, being there for families, or looking for peace among protests.

Adams admitted his non-profit is a small one, but added it is one that is a grassroots base that helps hundreds of families a year.

Adams believes city leaders need to reach out more to organizations like this to address community needs.

“We’re out there in the community,” he said.  “We’re just out there to be treated fairly.”

Adams said he strives for change–not only among perceptions in the city but also in the neighborhoods that make up Charlotte.

“We, as African-Americans, have to start loving on one another.  We have to start believing in ourselves and knowing we are somebody,” Adams said.

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Every year, Adams pauses in remembrance for his son, whose memory lives on in so many ways.  He added that the lessons he taught his son are he passes along to everyone else to this day.

“Black History Month is every day.  The same things you apply in the month of February are what you should apply from January until December,” he said.