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Nexoom AG Forges Strategic Partnership with Sony Music Latin

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, June 30, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- Nexoom AG, the Swiss-based emerging name in interactive entertainment, is thrilled to announce a significant partnership with global powerhouse Sony Music Latin. This collaboration will bring forth new and exciting business and sponsorship opportunities for Sony Music’s Tier 1 artists in the US Latin

Nexoom CEO, Cristina Niculae, remarked, "This partnership marks a monumental step forward for Nexoom and Sony Music Entertainment into the new era of interactive entertainment. By leveraging our combined resources and shared vision, we will amplify the voice of incredible artists and enable distinctive opportunities for Sony Music Latin."

Sony Music US Latin President, Alex Gallardo, echoed this sentiment, stating, “We are very excited to work with Nexoom in bringing initiatives that reflect our commitment to integrating music and lifestyle, offering fans unique experiences beyond the music," said Alex Gallardo, President of Sony Music US Latin.”

At its core, this collaboration focuses on unlocking unparalleled value for Sony's artists and their fans, tapping into Nexoom's innovative digital ecosystem to offer unique experiences. More than just a business agreement, it's a commitment to a long-term partnership based on mutual growth and shared values of innovation, excellence, and artist empowerment.

"We are not just signing a contract, we are building a bridge," adds Nexoom's CEO. "This alliance signifies a bold step towards our vision for the future of entertainment, where technology and talent coalesce into something truly exceptional."

About Nexoom:
Nexoom is a leading digital entertainment company dedicated to revolutionizing the way people experience music & video, as well as other forms of digital entertainment. Through innovative technology and strategic partnerships, Nexoom seeks to create immersive experiences that bring artists and audiences closer together. For more information, visit Nexoom here.

About Sony Music Latin:
Sony Music US Latin is the #1 Latin music label in the world—home to the most prolific Latin artists, from rising and independent artists to global superstars. As a full-service record label with comprehensive artist services, we pride ourselves in elevating and supporting our creators at every stage of their careers. Our diverse roster of talent is known for some of the world’s most beloved Latin music, spanning a wide variety of genres, including alternative, bachata, banda, classic, mariachi, merengue, pop, reggaetón, salsa, urban, and more. Sony Music US Latin is a part of Sony Music Entertainment. For more information, visit Sony Music Latin here.

For more information, please contact press@nexoom.com.

Cristy Verdeja Zaldívar
PR for Sony Music Latin

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