CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Three officers have been hospitalized with serious injuries after they attempted to take a suspect into custody Friday afternoon, CMPD said.

The incident happened around 12 p.m. Friday, Oct. 13, in the 9800 block of Spring Park Drive.

According to CMPD, a 911 call came in regarding a suspicious person in the area. The 911 caller said that ‘a man was jumping over people’s backyard fences’ and appeared to be ‘attempting to get into multiple homes.’ When officers approached the man in question, they said he swung at them and then ran into a nearby house that wasn’t his.

CMPD said the front door of the nearby house was open, and the owners of the home, including an infant, were asleep upstairs. Everyone reportedly awoke to the sound of officers yelling at the suspect. Once inside, the three responding officers struggled to take the suspect into custody.



“We do know that one female officer was pinned down and strangled, another officer received a laceration to his head, and the other officer received an injury to his eye,” CMPD explained.

In total, it took seven officers to calm the situation down and arrest the man. The suspect sustained non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to the hospital for a mental evaluation, CMPD said.

The injuries to the three officers are serious, but non-life-threatening, CMPD said on Friday. All three remain in the hospital for treatment.

The identities of those involved have not yet been released.

This is a developing story; check back for updates