CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – On the heels of a successful Van Gogh exhibit, another one has made a stop in Charlotte.

The Art of Banksy “Without Limits” boasts that it features more than 155 of the artist’s work from originals to photos and more.

The exhibit is worldwide and features Banksy, one of the most mysterious modern-day artists.

“He highlights things by doing his work silently,” said Elizbeth Gill who is familiar with the artist’s work.

Mike Zendan told Queen City News, “One of the most famous installations he did was the one that got shredded.”

Charlotte is its third stop in the U.S. The exhibit’s curator says he’s had other artists recreate the work with Banksy’s stencil technique for the exhibition.

“Our main idea is to continue to spread the message of Banksy,” said Guillermo Quintana. “Our main idea is to show the people a lot of artwork that they never saw and they didn’t know about Banksy.”

Online, the show is advertised as a “must-see,” but some say they’re feeling a bit duped.

“When I saw that his exhibition was coming to town, I assumed that Banksy or his representatives were involved in it in some way,” said Steve Dunn who sent to the exhibit.

Banksy posted online the show wasn’t authorized, was organized entirely without his knowledge or involvement, and added the exhibits are “nothing like a genuine Banksy show […] so don’t come to us for a refund.”

“It is really important that the artist does give their permission,” Gill said.

Corey Williams agreed saying, “From the artist’s perspective, if I’m the artist, I don’t think I’d appreciate it.”

Dunn added, “The controversy over the authenticity of this exhibition is very Banksy like this is exactly the sort of thing that Banksy might set up as a work of art.”

Despite protests from the artist, it seems the show will go on.

Quintana told Queen City News, “About if Banksy likes it or doesn’t like it, the moment he calls us directly, we can have this conversation. But, again, who is Banksy?”