CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police are speaking for the first time about the Allisha Watts missing-persons case, which has become a high-profile investigation across the state in the last few weeks. 

Watts, 39, of Southern Pines, was last seen July 16 in Charlotte at the home of her boyfriend, James Dunmore. 

Dunmore was found two days later in Watts’ car. According to warrants, he had made an apparent suicide attempt before he was discovered by troopers at the parking lot of the Anson County DMV. He was reportedly treated, but his whereabouts have been unknown since. 

A day after Dunmore was found, a missing persons case was filed for Watts. 

CMPD in constant contact with family

In a series of interviews Wednesday with media, CMPD pushed back on any assertion that they have not been forthcoming with family about the case, saying they have been in contact daily with Watts’ close family members. 

“There have been hundreds of hours that have gone into this,” said Capt. Joel McNelly. “Our laser focus is to find Allisha. That’s what we want.” 

Queen City News asked CMPD about the extent of Dunmore’s involvement in the case, especially after reports surfaced that he may be being treated after his suicide attempt.   

McNelly noted they could not confirm Dunmore’s current location, and when asked if CMPD is actively searching for him, said, “I’m not going to comment on the particulars of the investigation. It’s important we protect the integrity of the investigation.” 

Search warrants recently made public in the case, and for Dunmore’s Charlotte address, revealed that police were looking for evidence of a murder. 

“I think the contents of the search warrants speak for themselves,” said McNelly. “People can draw their conclusions from that. The search warrant is another piece that shows how serious we are on this.” 

Police noted that they are aware of Dunmore’s previous criminal history and that they are working with multiple agencies in their investigation into Watts’ disappearance.