CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Elon University has filed an application with the American Bar Association to open a law school in Charlotte.

If approved and announced, it could bring something lacking to the city, which has been catching up to other metropolitan areas in terms of educational offerings that are either already in operation or currently being built.

Among Elon University alumni living in Charlotte, they said the expansion would make sense.

“Elon is young as far as law schools go,” said 2011 alum Brian Hunt. “It’s not the most prestigious of law schools, but they’ve tried to do more hands-on learning, make it more applicable to the everyday student.”

Hunt became a partner at a firm in Charlotte but only came to the city after graduation because of the available openings.

That need, he said, has increased.

“I think there’s a big void right now in Charlotte. I think Charlotte is one of the biggest metro areas in the country with no law school, not since the Charlotte School of Law,” Hunt said.

The Charlotte School of Law was forced to close in 2017. The American Bar Association said there were compliance and accreditation issues, along with allegations of fraud and lawsuits.

Since the closure, no institution has come to take its place.

“It’s surprising we don’t already have one, and it’s surprising that no one has jumped at the opportunity, either,” said 2013 Elon alum Colleen Molner.

Elon University is not entirely known for its law program. U.S. News and World Report rates the university somewhere in the 100s regarding the best places to get a law degree.

However, it should be noted that Elon University’s School of Law was established in 2006, making it a relatively young program.

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Elon University did not specifically reference the possible School of Law expansion into Charlotte when Queen City News reached out to them.

However, they did note an event would be taking place Tuesday in Charlotte’s South End. “We will be sharing more information at that time,” said a spokesperson