CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Fall foliage could create a flooding nightmare as Nicole moves into the area.

Homeowners across Charlotte are being asked to remove leaves and debris near streets and storm drains.

“It seems like every other day, if I don’t get out here to rake them, they just keep piling up,” said Dilworth resident Jack Fenlon.

What feels like a never-ending job during fall months is considered vital ahead of an approaching storm expected to bring lingering rain and winds across the region.

“I’ve been trying to do as much on the streets as I can in addition to what I can off, so if I am raking these leaves from our grass on into the street, I make sure that I get them off the street because I put them there a lot of them,” Fenlon said.

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Hidden under a pile of leaves and debris on East Boulevard in Dilworth is one of 100,000 storm drains across Charlotte.

“Even if you get an inch of rain, but if that stormwater can’t go down, that storm drain, it is going to back up,” said Sr. Communication Specialist Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services John Wendel.

Throughout Thursday, Storm Water Services crews monitored 44 major streams across the county. Twelve streams had to be cleared of debris before rainfall.

“You could be away from a creek. ‘I’m three miles away from a creek; it’s not going to flood here.’ Well, if the storm drain is blocked and you live down a hill that water starts coming down the hill and has nowhere to go, it’s going to back up on the roadway,” Wendel said.

While some residents and businesses relied on landscaping crews to do the job Thursday, others took matters into their own hands.

“I am determined to not have those leaves block up that curb,” said Fenlon.