CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Get ready to pay to park on the street on Saturdays in uptown Charlotte and in South End because parking will no longer be free on Saturdays.

Saturdays are for leisure, except when you own a bustling business in South End.

“Saturday is our busiest day, yes,” said Jessica Rojas, owner of Outlaw Hair Company.

But for customers, it’s a chance to relax.

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“We already hustling and bustling during the week,” said Jacqueline Smith, owner of My Story Café.

Saturdays are a day to breathe, let your hair down, and not have to worry about paying for parking.

“I wish that we had free street parking on Saturday,” said Jackson Riddle, who lives in South End.

Starting March 25, Saturday street parking will no longer be free. People will have to pay to park on the street in uptown and South End.

“I don’t think it’s the best idea,” said Smith.

It’s $1.50 an hour from 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. and your time in each spot is limited to two hours.

Instead of shopping around at businesses, you might be shopping for a spot, and once you find one, moving when your time’s up.

“Trading with their friends, swapping spots, who knows?” asked Riddle about the new time limits on parking.

Rojas was a little skeptical of her customers having to pay to park when that first started during the week in South End, but it turned out better than she thought.

“It was a lot harder when it was free. People would park there all day long, and now they don’t. The paying situation prevents that,” said Rojas.

The only trick is finding a spot to begin with.

“I think people are willing to pay a couple of dollars to have VIP parking up front,” said Rojas.

Here will be the streets impacted:

South Blvd
S Tryon
W Bland
E Park
West Blvd
Winnifred St
W Carson
W Catherine
South Tryon
N Tryon
N College
E 3rd
N Brevard
S Brevard
E 4th
E 8th
S Davidson
E 5th
W 10th
N Church
S Church
W 1st
S Poplar
W 5th
N Pine
S Mint
N Cedar
E Trade
W 9th
W 3rd
N Sycamore
Montford Pt
S Brevard
S Tryon
E Brooklyn Village
Wilkes pl
E Good Samaritan
W Trade
S College