CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – City of Charlotte leaders are coming together to fight the epidemic of gun violence in the Queen City.

Law enforcement, city leaders, and family members of victims issued a new plea for everyone to get involved in fighting the ongoing problem on Friday afternoon.

Orange is the color to bring awareness to gun violence issues.

Clydia Hemingway wears the color to ensure people know when a person is murdered due to gun violence, like her son Donqwavia Davis.

The pain for family members never stops.

“This is humanity,” said Hemingway. “Too many lives are being taken at the hands of someone pulling a trigger senselessly.”

Firearm-related crimes are down 4%, according to CMPD, but the numbers are still eye-opening; 2,359 victims of firearm-related violent crimes in 2023 and 31,000 victims of firearm-related violent crimes over the last five years.

“The true number of victims can’t be counted,” said CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings. “It’s immeasurable.”

Jennings asked the public for responsible gun ownership, not to be desensitized when discussing gun violence, and for the community to work together.

Shootings like the one on a CATS bus or teens firing shots into a home can’t be glamorized, according to Jennings, and he says work to stop that needs to happen in the home, community, and with groups speaking to youth daily.

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Those running nonprofits say if you want their help, agencies upholding the law must also reach out to them.

“We can’t talk about we want to work together; we want to collaborate,” said Greg Jackson with Heal Charlotte. “We want to see a change, and we’re not willing to stretch our arms out to the community that are on the ground, that are boots on the ground.”