CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – The Judicial Standards Commission is investigating Mecklenburg County Judge Kimberly Best. 

The news of the investigation, obtained exclusively by QCN, comes after Best allegedly shoved a delivery truck driver at the Mecklenburg County Courthouse in July.

Best was appointed by Governor Roy Cooper and is currently running for re-election; she made headlines after multiple witnesses said they saw her physically shoving a delivery truck driver in a heated altercation in the parking garage of the Courthouse. 

Best tried to drive around the delivery truck, partially blocking the entrance, scraped her white Porsche SUV, got out of her car, and the altercation between her and the driver, Meagan Gunter, began.

After a complaint was filed with the Judicial Standards Commission, they launched an investigation and started setting up interviews with people who witnessed the incident. Judge Richard Boner, who served on the Mecklenburg County bench for almost 30 years, and was the Vice Chairman of the Judicial Standards Commission for six years, isn’t surprised Best is being investigated.

Judge Boner: “I would say more often than not, most of the complaints when I was on the Commission were dismissed without any further proceedings.”

QCN: “So is this somewhat of a rare occurrence that they’re actually was doing an investigation?”

Judge Boner: “Yes.”

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QCN reached out to Judge Best for a response but has not heard back.

Boner said the process would take a couple of months. 

The investigator will file a report after conducting interviews with witnesses; the Commission will review the information and decide if a formal proceeding is necessary; if they think it is, they’ll schedule a hearing. After the hearing, the Commission deliberates and votes on whether they believe the allegations in the initial complaint are true. 

If the majority of the Commission agrees Best violates the Judicial Code of Conduct, she could be censured or removed from the bench altogether.

Judge Boner said out of the many complaints Judicial Standards receives, they usually only pursue investigations for about 10% of them. 

He said he doesn’t expect the investigation to be concluded before Best’s election.

Best said she wasn’t aware of any investigation.  

“If they are conducting an investigation, I am confident they will find that there was no wrongdoing on my part but that I was in fact assaulted,” Best wrote in a statement via email. “Nonetheless, investigations are usually confidential as well which means that someone may be sanctioned for providing this information to you if, in fact, it is true.”

Best continued, “It is unfortunate that this issue continues to be reported when because of the trauma of the individual involved, I showed grace in not moving forward with any further action against her. It is also unfortunate that after serving as a Judge for almost 15 years, being fair and impartial and serving this community that political gain is being sought at my expense and in an attempt to influence an election.”