CHARLOTTE (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Around 1,055 gallons of wastewater have overflowed into Taggart Creek, according to Charlotte Water.

Officials say the spill came from the 4900 block of Morris Field Drive on the east side of the airport on Sunday, August 6.

Taggart Creek flows into the Catawba River. Authorities believe tree roots are to blame for the spill.

Officials are required to inform the public when at least 1,000 gallons of untreated wastewater reaches surface waters.

“Anything put in plumbing or a manhole can cause wastewater overflows, spilling raw sewage into your street, your creek or even inside your own home,” says Cam Coley, spokesperson at Charlotte Water. “Even products labeled as ‘flushable’ do not break down in the sewer system and can contribute to clogging.”

Charlotte Water provided a list of how the public can help avoid wastewater spills:

  • Put in the trash any paper towels, wipes, hair, cotton swabs, feminine products, dental floss, coffee grounds, and excess food.
  • Only put toilet paper in the toilet.
  • In the Kitchen sink soap suds, small amounts of food from plates, and liquids are all okay, but make sure no fats, oils, or grease are going down the drain.
  • Take to a full-service recycling center any used and expired oils and grease.

Anyone who sees a sewage sill is asked to call 311 or 704-336-7600 at any time of day.