CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — As more people and businesses are relying on artificial intelligence, bosses at Airbnb are using the technology as an anti-party system. 

Why? To stop disruptive and unauthorized Halloween parties at their homes in states like North Carolina. 

“We are utilizing our state-of-the-art AI and machine learning system to identify potentially higher risk,” said Nabil Banerjee, head of Trust and Safety at Airbnb. “One night and tonight, booking attempts of entire home listings and prevent those bookings from being made.” 

The short-term rental company’s executives say peace of mind is their top priority. They want to ensure safety for the host homes, their owners and their neighbors. 

That’s why managers began using AI in 2020 to monitor weekend listings. 

“We have seen a global 55 percent year-over-year decrease in the rate of party reports,” Banerjee said. “And while these incidents are extremely rare, we want to try to reduce the risk of them even more.” 

Charlotte Airbnb host Scott Washington says he monitored his properties before the company launched its AI technology. 

“A.I. technology and ways of seeing how long someone will possibly be booking. I also ask why you’re booking that gives me an idea of if it’s something fraudulently or if it’s a party,” Washington said.  

The technology enforces restrictions on one- and two-night reservations on homes identified as potentially higher risk for party problems. 

It will also make sure renters understand party policies: If guests break the rule, they could be suspended or banned from Airbnb. Hosts could also face consequences. 

“You really have to monitor this in a way,” Washington said. “You have to protect yourself because there, if I’m not mistaken, there is an incident of a party being had, an owner being held responsible for a death.” 

Last Halloween, the anti-party system blocked tens of thousands of U.S. bookings — including about 5,400 would-be renters in North Carolina.