CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Neighbors in the Wesley Village Apartments love their screen doors.  

They said Thursday it’s their first line of defense from crime and unwanted visitors to the northwest Charlotte complex, but now they’re at the risk of losing them, despite their plea to keep them. 

“Extra layer of protection, insulation from cold weather, it really keeps me secure.” Tina Quizon said of her screen doors. 

She claims managers at Wesley Village told tenants they planned to remove them from the homes. 

“We were shocked,” Quizon said. “This was at a fall festival. They invited us all to come have pizza. And then we were told sitting there, all of us tenants, that we need to take your screen doors off.” 

She’s been a tenant at the low-income community on Centre Street since 2016. 

“We can’t afford them already,” she said. “We can’t afford it if it needs to be repaired, it’s too expensive. If one is missing, they all got to go.” 

Several other tenants feel the same way about their doors. Most of the residents are seniors, along with some veterans and the disabled. Just like Quizon, they see their screen doors are a layer of protection in a community police admit has elevated crime. 

“My screen door right now is broken. So, since I got the memo saying that it’s going to take the screen door away when my lease comes, then y’all can have the door,” said neighbor James Hillsman.  

Others say they’ve tried to get clarification from management, with no success. 

“She was there. They were all there when this was verbally announced,” Quizon described. “And we all basically started saying the same thing that we didn’t feel this was right. And one gentleman even said, ‘I will pay for a new handle or that bar if that need be, don’t take my screen door from me.’” 

A property manager told Queen City News that, “Nothing is set in stone. And we have not removed them.” 

She says the doors are old and falling apart and they would notify tenants at least 48 to 72 hours before any work. 

“Nah, I ain’t down for all that. I vote no,” Hillsman said.