CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – Arguably, the greatest football player of all time is joining the FOX booth next year, and he’s coming for Greg Olsen’s job.

“I’m not gonna roll over and die,” Olsen said in response to those reports that Tom Brady will take over. “I’m willing to do what these guys aren’t willing to do.”

The crowd applauded the comment.

Olsen teamed up with Charlotte’s Lending Tree in honor of February’s Heart Month, supporting local children’s hospitals on Wednesday before he opened up the floor to general questions.

That’s when he was asked about his broadcasting career.

“Until they kick me out, I’m gonna sit there and do it,” Olsen chuckled. “Maybe he [Brady] does come and take my job one day; I can live with that; I get it. I understand the rules that we all sign up for.”

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Obviously, Olsen said he respects Brady in every fashion but wants to win no matter who or what stands in front of him; he’s always been an underdog.

He related his entire football career to his current life situation.

“I learned really quick at Miami… ‘okay, these guys are different,'” Olsen explained. “They run faster than me; they’re bigger than me; they’re stronger than me. I have to be willing to do things these aren’t willing to do.”

After 14 seasons in the NFL, Olsen landed a lead analyst spot in Super Bowl 57.

“The Super Bowl was just an incredible experience; I mean, I think when I got home Monday afternoon, I was sitting on the couch, and you almost feel like you are almost in a dark place,” Olsen elaborated. “It was like, ‘it’s over.’ All of that build-up and all of that lead-up was very similar to when I was a player, and then it is over.”

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