CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – The Presidents Cup is officially underway and taking over the Queen City.

The professional golf tournament at Quail Hollow is bringing in visitors from all over the world.

“Well, the parking is crazy because every one of the neighborhoods is parking vehicles,” Thomas Torchia said while running a parking lot. “Why would you want to pay $60 to park a vehicle when you can just pay $20 and walk five minutes.”

Thousands are piling into neighborhoods surrounding Quail Hollow, two men parking and shuttling visitors to the golf course.

“I took a guy from Florida. I’ve taken a guy from Texas, two guys from California, and whatever license plates you see. They are coming from all over the world,” Torchia said.

Many are visiting Charlotte for the very first time.

“It’s got everything anybody could possibly want. Great restaurants, beautiful scenery, the city is very clean,” Like Pigge of Georgia said.

“It’s not one thing. Charlotte isn’t one thing,” CEO of Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority Tom Murray said. “People need to know about that, but it is all of the work that we’ve been doing to make Charlotte such an attractive destination, and that’s exactly what has happened.”

As the region’s visitor economy leader, Murray says events like this do more than just bring in millions to the area – it puts Charlotte on the map.

“When you host one of the largest golf events in the world, that makes you understand that you can do other big, big events,” Murray said.

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Over the last decade, Charlotte has continued to attract world audiences with more events like the Presidents Cup, trickling in more visitors year-round.

Murray said weekend leisure is at the highest in the city’s history.