CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — People walking in the 300 block of West Tremont Avenue say they heard about an altercation right before 8 a.m. Sunday.

Some were coming home after a walk.

“Noticed a bunch of cop cars, so I ran down the street,” said a resident of The Penrose apartments. “I was asking the cops what happened, and they’re like, “Can’t tell ya.’” 

The Penrose apartment complex did start informing residents once investigators deemed it safe to do so. The original call was for a domestic incident, according to Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police. When officers arrived, they heard gunshots and busted down the third-floor apartment door.  

CMPD says that is when an altercation occurred, and an officer was stabbed in the neck. 

“The officers knew they had a duty to protect and serve, and that is what they did,” said CMPD Chief Johnny Jennings. “They put their own lives in front of others.”

CMPD says another officer fired their weapon and killed 28-year-old Peter Corey. CMPD and the N.C. State Bureau of Investigations is investigating. A female in the apartment was transported to the hospital with injuries, and the officer was also taken to the hospital at that time.

“It was very scary, obviously anything like that is very scary,” said Penrose resident Sarah Thomas as she was walking her dog. “But I think the apartment company handled it the best way they could. They kept us really informed, which was nice.” 

Neighbors say the alerts were sent out by late Sunday morning. Some also say it doesn’t change their view of the building or neighborhood. 

“We were all shocked. I love living here; it’s a great location and a great apartment,” added Thomas. “I’m not worried about living here. I feel safe.” 

Jennings says domestic violence calls are unpredictable for officers. 

“Generally, there are a lot of injuries, or a lot of shootings or different situations that come out of domestic violence calls for service, and officers have to be as precautionary as possible when they respond to these calls.” 

CMPD said the officers involved in this incident, Tyler Bourque and Shawn McMichael, are on paid administrative leave as is standard procedure.

Officer Bourque is identified as the officer who fired his service weapon in this case. Officer McMichael was treated for a serious stab wound and has been released from the hospital.