CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A suspect has been arrested in connection to a weekend shooting involving a jogger near 3400 Sharon Road in south Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police and Medic confirmed with Queen City News.

Neighbors relayed to Queen City News that CMPD told them that a man was running along the sidewalk around 2 p.m. when another person, also on foot, shot him at least twice. They said police informed them the man was shot in the leg and hand.

CMPD later confirmed Stephen Damonta Montgomery, 33, was arrested in connection to the shooting and that a gun had been seized. The man apparently ran across the street after being shot and ended up in the front yard of a home, authorities said.

Though few details have been released about what led up to the shooting, neighbors expressed sincere surprise and concern that this took place in one of Charlotte’s most affluent areas.

“It was just a surprise that there was a shooting in this neighborhood. I’ve lived here 30 years, and there hasn’t been one before,” said neighbor Chris Mahoney, who lives two doors down from where the shooting occurred.

Mahoney said a CMPD officer informed him that a suspect was taken into custody on Ferncliff Road, not far from the crime scene. While he did not hear the shots or see what happened, he did see the victim being loaded into an ambulance.

“I just saw them put him on there, and I saw him move his arm. So, he wasn’t not moving,” said Mahoney. He said more details as to what led up to the shooting might give him and his neighbors more peace of mind.

“If it was a known person, then that would make me feel a little better. But if it was just something that happened randomly, that would be disturbing,” he said.

Montgomery faces multiple charges, including assault with a deadly weapon with intent to kill.