CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The trash bag on this car window tells only part of what happened overnight in the Strawberry Hill Apartments.

Neighbors say they received an email from their office management Saturday morning telling them about a string of car break-ins at the complex.

One neighbor who wished to remain anonymous says it was CMPD officers who told her what happened.

“At 10 a.m., two police officers came to the door, and they said there had been vandalized cars in the lot… break-ins that type of thing for the cars,” she said. 

When she walked out, she realized she was a victim.

“I have an Elantra, and the back window behind the driver’s door was broken. And when I got into the car and the officers were there, you could see they had ripped off. You know, the steering column thing to get into it. But I had had the software update, so the car was not going anywhere,” she said. 

Not only was her car targeted, but several other cars as well, including her sister’s vehicle. The neighbor says officers told her the crimes happened between 1 and 5 a.m.

We reached out to CMPD for more information and have not heard back.

“The officers indicated that they never had seen this many cars vandalized, broken into like this all at one time,” she said.

The apartment management email says there were cars vandalized, specifically those with shattered windows. Their email says, “CMPD and our onsite courtesy officers informed us that these break-ins also occurred in other areas and communities around South Charlotte,” causing a significant inconvenience to the affected neighbors.

“It could be anywhere from a week, if we’re lucky, to several weeks to a month or so. Unless it’s over a dollar amount that they see fit for the fix, then I don’t have to pay anything. But if it’s over that amount, then I’m having to pay out of pocket for the difference,” she said.