CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – What would Kelly Oubre Jr. want to wear?

The goal is to have the look.

“They’re learning, and they’re failing along the way, which is a whole part of the process,” says Alyssa Sharpe, CEO of Digi-Bridge. “So, students are really able to ask themselves difficult questions and try some things out.”

Sixth-grade innovators ask themselves what the Hornets’ player and fashion designer would do.

“When we started designing my glasses, I was nervous again because I didn’t think he would like my glasses,” said Jesaiah Baldwin, a student at Druid Hills Academy. “But when he came over here, he said I did a good job on my glasses.”

The 15 students did get it right, and Oubre stopped at each station during the Futureshaper Design Experience at the Spectrum Center, talking to them about the concept and what inspired them.

“I’m glad he tried them on because I was nervous they wouldn’t fit,” added Ani’Yah Frasier from Walter G. Byers School. “Last year, when he tried on my bracelet, it like scratched him a little bit, so I’m glad this one went smoothly.”

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And how they inspired Oubre.

“I told all of them this is a ‘we’ thing and not a ‘me’ thing,” said Oubre, who has his own brand called Dope Soul. “Although I am the inspiration, a lot of them put their own flair and flavor to them. So, I’m proud of them for that.”

The collaboration happened with the help of mentors from nonprofit Digi-Bridge and tech giant Honeywell.

“We see the next workforce in these kids,” said Bevin Maguire, a spokesperson with Honeywell, talking about the 2nd annual program. “These are our next future shapers, and it’s great to be working with them here in Charlotte.”

An engineering job may be a little way off in the future. However, soon, Oubre will select some of his favorites to wear pre or post-game this season, and he’s even eyeing a possible collaboration.

“These are all like-minded individuals to me because they love to create,” added Oubre. “So, one day, definitely, if the opportunity presents itself, you might see one of them working with me at Dope Soul.”