WJZY FOX 46 does not sell or give away its news videotape.

Unfortunately, we are unable to accommodate requests for copies of newscasts. However, there is a local company that can make a dub for you: http://www.loccharlotte.com/c/Video+Taping+Svc+32248

Please be advised that WJZY does not archive its non-broadcast (raw) footage.

WJZY FOX 46 is not affiliated with any video taping service. We are not responsible for the products and services they claim to provide, and we do not receive any compensation from them for listing their name on this site. We’re providing their name as a courtesy to our viewers.

Companies and individuals can not post the video they purchased from a video taping service to a web site. (This includes social media sites such as Facebook and streaming video sites such as YouTube.) Those copies can only be viewed as part of their business or personal library. (A video is shown in-house on a DVD — not online.)

Videos on fox46.com are not available for downloading and we do not send tapes or e-mail videos. FOX 46 does not distribute transcripts of its newscasts.