(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – The largest airline serving North Carolina, American Airlines, has reversed course on its previous requirement to mandate vaccines for all employees.

The airline based in Fort Worth, TX has told employees who applied for an exemption or who chose not to receive the vaccine that they must submit a once-weekly self wellness declaration, wear masks, and social distance.

The airline previously gave employees until January 4, 2022, to submit their proof of vaccination or apply for an exemption; those who did neither would face termination. That was another change of policy from what was originally a highly incentivized request by the company.

American said any employee who received the vaccine would get an additional vacation day and gift card.

Other airlines like United, Southwest, Alaska and Hawaiian are making their requirements stick. According to sources within the airline, United and Hawaiian each have close to 200 flight attendants out on unpaid leave for a year.

Delta Airlines was one of the first carriers to announce penalties for employees who decided not to get the vaccine. Each employee who didn’t get the vaccine would face a $200 penalty each month on their health insurance. Vaccination numbers jumped from 68% to 90% by October of last year.