CHARLOTTE (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — A Charlotte baby was born with antibodies to fight COVID, but he never got the virus and he did not get the vaccine.

6-month-old Henry Bush is meeting all of his milestones.

“I am excited to learn what research becomes available,” said Carrie Bush, Henry’s mom.

She couldn’t be happier, not just because Henry can looks like Superman doing “tummy time,” but because he got a “superpower” in the womb to fight COVID.

“It’s so cool! The moment that we found out he had antibodies, my husband and I were both so excited and elated.”

Henry did not get the virus or the vaccine, but his mom got the COVID shot while she was pregnant and passed COVID antibodies onto her baby boy in utero.

“It just gave me much more of a sense of peace,” said Bush.

Bush is a nurse practitioner.

“I just worked up until the very end,” she said of her pregnancy.

Since she was seeing patients while she was pregnant, she got the vaccine to protect herself.

“We definitely see that pregnant women get very, very ill from COVID and at one point several weeks ago, there were several women in the ICU because of COVID,” said Bush.

Baby Henry is the other reason Bush got the shot.

“It gives me some reassurance with him knowing he has antibodies as far as letting him be at daycare or letting him be around other people,” Bush said.

Bush doesn’t know exactly how long her baby boy will have the antibodies, but Henry just had his 6-month checkup, and he’s still testing positive for the antibodies.

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