CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – A member of the United House of Prayer for All People tells FOX 46 at least ten people in his family now have the coronavirus following a convocation event at the church.

The man chose to remain anonymous to prevent any backlash from the church but he said people traveled from New York, Florida, and South Carolina for convocation.

All areas where health experts say are high.

“It’s actually 12 weeks long. It starts in Buffalo, New York, and ends up in Charlotte, North Carolina. The amazing thing is other stops aren’t affected like this because if you didn’t live in those areas… you were to stay home and weren’t to go out,” the man who wanted to remain anonymous said.

During a phone call, the anonymous member of the United House of Prayer for All People on Beatties Ford Road told FOX 46 other convocation events out of state weren’t open to everyone like those in Charlotte. He said that was the first mistake the church made.

“Everybody from different areas.. from as far away as Buffalo, NY, all the way to California, Miami. Wherever, I mean because that’s what normally happens. Without the coronavirus being in effect, you would’ve had at least 20-30,000 easily,” he explained.

After Mecklenburg County health officials got word of at least 120 cases of coronavirus being tied to the United House of Prayer for All People on Beatties Ford Road, the church has since been closed.

Members said because the church is closed, some members may go to other locations until their home church reopens.

“You can go to Iredell County, Cabarrus County, you know different counties and still there’s a House of Prayer there and you can continue service. Just because they shut down Mecklenburg, if people want to go to HOP they can go outside Mecklenburg,” he said.

FOX 46 asked the anonymous member if he is going back to the church once it reopens, without hesitating, he said, “Yes.”

“I’m a member and I have been a member all my life so I know better and do better,” he said.

FOX 46 has tried to speak with the leadership at the church and other members, but many have been silent about the topic.