CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – A Novant Health doctor says if you’ve had COVID or a booster recently, you might want to hold off on getting the new omicron-fighting booster shot.

It’s a different decision for everyone.

The doctor says it makes sense to space things out and wait, especially if you’ve recently had COVID or a booster, so you’ll get maximum benefit and protection.

Ashley Williams has a lot on her to-do list.

Now, she can check off a COVID shot for her 2-year-old daughter.

“Now I’m due; I just haven’t scheduled one yet,” said Williams.

She plans to get her booster soon.

“We have a family trip coming up, so we want to be able to get vaccinated before that, which is right around the holidays, so probably in the next month or so, we’ll be thinking about getting it scheduled,” said Williams.

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Now’s the time to get the new booster; it’s designed to fight variants and subvariants, including omicron.

But you might want to hold off on getting your booster if you’ve had COVID or booster recently.

“It makes some sense to space things out a bit,” said Dr. Charles Bregier of Novant Health.

Dr. Bregier says it’s best to wait three months after you had COVID or got a booster before getting another.

“We certainly anticipate having a good immune response for at least 3 or 4 months, perhaps up to 6 months, after you receive the vaccine,” said Dr. Bregier.

Dr. Bregier says one of the booster brands might pack just a little more punch.

“The Moderna Bivalent has a little bit more vaccine in it. It has a total of 50 micrograms of vaccine in it,” said Dr. Bregier. “The Pfizer has 30 micrograms, so one can potentially anticipate a slightly stronger immune response from the Moderna.”

Williams is almost ready for the holidays, which include getting herself and her two kids prepared to fight any viruses that might get in the way of family time.

“You just want to protect yourself, just like you protect yourself with other vaccines, that’s how I think about it,” said Williams.

If you decide to hold off on getting a COVID booster right now, the doctor says, ‘don’t wait’ to get a flu shot.

He says now’s a good time for that before the flu season ramps up.

Based on activity in the Southern Hemisphere, the doctor says we expect a more severe flu season than last year and the year before.