SALISBURY, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — A 10-year-old girl was hospitalized following a shooting Tuesday night in Salisbury, according to the police department.

The shooting occurred at 8:56 p.m., Aug. 8, in the 1500 block of North Jackson Street near North Main Street.

10-year-old Zy’mir Keyvone Henderson (Courtesy: Family)

As Salisbury officers arrived at the scene, they found Zy’mir Keyvone Henderson, 10, who had been shot. The young girl was airlifted to Brenner Children’s Hospital, where she underwent surgery and was last said to be in stable condition at their ICU.

Salisbury Police said the shooting appeared to be an isolated incident, and there is ‘no active threat to the surrounding community.’

Zy’mir’s neighbor says she walked outside and heard her mom screaming for help, and the neighbor, who says her four children had just been outside playing in the same area where Zy’mir was shot, says she only had one thing on her mind when she heard the gunfire.

“Making sure my kids were safe in the house under anything they could get under because you don’t know where that bullet’s going to land, you don’t know if they’re shooting in the air, shooting at the house, what they’re doing,” said Kristen Yates.

A lieutenant with the Salisbury Police Department, who was responding to this shooting, witnessed a tractor-trailer crash on I-85 and stopped to rescue the driver.

“We commend Lt. Brooks for his display of bravery and quick decision-making,” Salisbury Police Chief P.J. Smith said in a written statement released on Wednesday.

The Rowan County Sheriff’s Office’s Lt. David Scott said he’d responded to the area of North Jackson Street where it was reported the child was injured, and as he arrived at the scene, a vehicle in the area sped toward him, trying to hit him.

The sheriff’s office explained that those inside the vehicle also began firing shots at the deputy.; this officer-involved shooting occurred on North Jackson Street near West 14th Street.

Lt. Scott fired shots back at the suspects in the vehicle, which then drove a short distance away following the shootout and crashed.

The sheriff’s office said four suspects inside the vehicle got out and continued to fire shots toward Lt. Scott. At this time, no injuries have been reported between Lt. Scott and the suspects involved. The four suspects were able to flee from the crime scene.

Nobody was taken into custody; however, several ‘persons of interest’ have been identified, Salisbury Police said.

The Salisbury Police Department and the Rowan County Sheriff’s Office continue to investigate these incidents. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Sgt. Hill at 704-638-5333.