LANCASTER, S.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – An array of firearms and more than 1,800 fentanyl pills were seized from a property in Lancaster Thursday morning, according to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office.

Deputies said around 6 a.m. on Jan. 26; law enforcement officers executed a search warrant at 269 Tirzah Church Road in Lancaster.

Agents reportedly found many illegal drugs, digital scales, and guns in the home.

The suspected drugs included two bags containing 1,821 pills of what authorities believed to be fentanyl. The bags weighed 192 grams.

The sheriff’s office said another bag contained a small amount of powder also suspected to be fentanyl. They also seized bags containing 1,312 grams of marijuana.

“This represents a substantial seizure of narcotics which we are happy will not be used or distributed in our county or anywhere else,” Sheriff Barry Faile said.

In addition to narcotics, authorities said they seized 14 long guns, seven handguns, firearm magazines, and assorted ammunition.

Tyler Wayne Rhodes, 29, and Elizabeth Carolina Delaney McDonald, 28, were taken into custody.

The sheriff’s office said it would pursue charging them with trafficking and possession with intent to distribute the drugs will be sought along with charges for possession of the firearms during the commission of the drug trafficking offenses.

Authorities said that two other men inside the home were not arrested or charged with any crimes.