CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Police were called out to break up brawls at another Charlotte-Mecklenburg school Thursday amid growing concerns of inaction by CMS related to school security.

The principal of Mallard Creek High School told parents a series of fights broke out at the high school Thursday, forcing a lockdown.

Many parents are very frustrated, and they raised those concerns at a town hall last Wednesday night.

Parents said the fights Thursday at Mallard Creek are just one more example that more needs to be done and CMS needs to act quickly.

“It seems like the school system doesn’t respond until something happens,” said Earl Phillips, a parent at Mallard Creek High School.

Phillips said CMS is reactive, waiting, instead of taking action.

“I have decided that my kids will go to an online school and I will provide that safety at home if they’re not able to provide it at school,” said Phillips.

Mallard Creek High School was put on lockdown Thursday. Police were called to break up brawls. The principal told parents a series of fights broke out.

“Let’s focus on the real issue so no one has to lose a kid the next time there’s an argument in the hallway,” said one parent at the town hall meeting.

The fights at Mallard Creek come one day after a town hall meeting for Hopewell High School families.

Five students were arrested at Hopewell two weeks ago when two loaded guns were found following a fight in the hallways

Parents demanded answers at that town hall, but say they got very little from CMS.

“Nothing will come out of this, we all got together but until we can engage other three fourths, and their students that is causing the problems, we’re all just out here putting on a show for the cameras, and that’s all it’s going to amount to,” said one woman at the town hall.

One parent asked what’s taking so long to get metal detectors?

“How fast can that be put together? Disney World does it, Panthers stadium does it, federal buildings do it, this isn’t that big of a deal,” said the parent.

Superintendent Earnest Winston did not respond to that parent’s question. School board member Rhonda Cheek answered for him.

“I think Mr. Winston said as soon as the task force gets to work on the metal detectors, obviously we know that time is of the essence and there’s an incredible sense of urgency,” said Cheek at the meeting.

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