BYRON, GA (STORYFUL) — Police and community members in Byron, in central Georgia, worked together to stop a “reckless” driver with a young child in her SUV on Friday, July 15.

According to a report from the Byron Georgia Police Department, police were called when witnesses allegedly saw the “reckless” motorist veering into oncoming traffic. When officials arrived at the scene, witnesses were surrounding her car to keep her from driving further, police said.

The driver was uncooperative, police said, and she ran over “stop sticks” they placed under her car, hitting witnesses, police officers, and multiple vehicles as one of her tires was punctured.

Ultimately, the police blocked the SUV and took the driver into custody. The police reported that no one, including the small child, was seriously injured.

Dashcam footage posted by Byron Georgia Police Department shows the vehicle running into other cars as police try to stop the driver on Friday in Byron, Georgia.

The driver was charged with aggravated assault, local media reported.