CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – All ghost guns will be required to hold a serial number beginning Wednesday, Aug. 24, as President Biden and the DOJ announced the new rule in April.

The law will require these guns to be treated the same as other firearms made and sold in the U.S.

So what is a ghost gun?

Homemade firearms.

“Basically a kit that you can order online,” said Lt. Andy Royston with CMPD. “There’s no serial number attached to it, no way to track that file on with that weapon.”

The guns can be created and assembled from 3D printers and kits.

“It can be built at home with minimal tools required in about 30 minutes to have an operating weapon,” Royston continued.

CMPD explains the rule will be very important when linking crimes to guns. These guns are ‘frequently’ seized in crime incidents and other operations.

The department says they’re found in the hands of juveniles, more than they should be.

“We seize ghost guns quite often,” said Royston. “At least once a week. These juveniles are getting these guns, and they’re just not mature or responsible enough to possess a firearm.”

All ghost guns will be required to hold a serial number; the government is encouraging owners to send the gun back to wherever they purchased the kit to have a number attached.

This will help the police track fired evidence and figure out who possessed the weapons that committed the crimes.

“Realistically, parents need to know what their kids are doing,” said Royston.