(FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) – As the holiday season approaches porch pirates are quickly jumping back in their proverbial ships.

Charlotte resident Josh Brewer is one of the latest victims. His packages getting nabbed right off of his porch in the middle of the day Wednesday. The unmasked pirate boldly walked right past his truck, up to his porch, before taking his packages. All while making no attempt to cover her face.

“Man she did not seem to care if anyone saw her doing it,” Brewer said, who added he thinks he’s more frustrated over how bold this criminal was rather than the crime itself.

Brewer said he was at home eating when he got a notification that his packages had arrived, but by the time he got around to looking, his packages were nowhere in sight.

“I went outside to check for it wasn’t there which was odd because normally they’re always there,” Brewer said. “I check the ring camera just for the events that day that recorded and sure enough there she goes in all black the porch burglar.”

It’s a trend that’s become all too common. A recent study by CCTV Camera World using FBI numbers showed North Carolina ranks 23rd in the nation when it comes to these crimes. Across the border though, it’s even worse. South Carolina ranks third.

That ranking doesn’t surprise South Carolina State Rep. Cezar McKnight (D) who has been pushing to make these crimes a felony since 2019.

“I’m appalled by the notion of anyone disturbing the tranquility of someone’s home by going on their porch or inside their home to steal something,” McKnight said.

The legislation failed again this past session, but McKnight plans to reintroduce it. As he said, it’s not only gifts that get stolen, but things that are more vital as well.

“I don’t want someone who’s waiting on some medicine to have their medicine stolen by someone. If you’re going to do that you need to go to jail, that’s just the bottom line to me,” said McKnight.

Brewer said he wouldn’t mind stiffer penalties in Tar Heel state either because he believes something needs to be done to make these pirates walk the plank going forward. Otherwise, they won’t head to shore anytime soon with all the treasure laying out there in plain sight.

“I mean the way the worlds going where everyone buys everything online, everything gets delivered, I mean these peoples neighborhoods and  porches have become gold mines for looters throughout the day and night, I mean there’s just thousands of dollars in goods just sitting in the open at all times in these neighborhoods.”

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