CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Charlotte Mecklenburg Police are on track to see fewer violent crimes this year compared to last year. CMPD officials released new numbers Thursday in the department’s third quarter crime report. 

Data shows there were 69 homicides between January and September compared to 85 in the same span of 2022.   

“The homicide clearance rate so far year to date is 69 percent.” Lt. Kevin Petrius said. “We’re really proud of our homicide [team] clearance rates; statistically they are among the best in the country and even outpaced that.”  

Raleigh Police also released its third-quarter stats Wednesday, showing 24 homicides so far this year. 

In both of the state’s two largest cities, police are seeing more kids in trouble. In Charlotte, 79 juveniles were arrested between January and September for assault with a deadly weapon compared to 60 in the same period of 2022. 

“The rate that we are seeing juveniles pull a trigger is alarming,” CMPD Deputy Chief Jacquelyn Hulsey said. “It points to a greater community problem. Our kids need to go back to being kids. They need to be engaged in sports, they need to be participating in youth activities and programs.” 

She continued, “CMPD’s community engagement unit has numerous programs geared towards our youth, steering them on the right path, deterring them from the wrong path, and assisting them and becoming good citizens.” 

The troubling trends in Charlotte mirror nationwide numbers showing young people are dying from gun violence more often.  

Hulsey says total arrests are up 13 percent, and that juvenile arrests are driving the rates higher.  

“While overall violent crime is down, one area of concern that we have is that our overall shootings are slightly up by 2 percent,” she said. “There have been 79 shootings involving a juvenile suspect through quarter three. This is a 32 percent increase from last year. This has also coincided with a rise in juvenile victims being targeted in our shooting cases.”  

CMPD also says they are dealing with an 800 percent spike in stolen Kia and Hyundai vehicles, fueled by online videos showing a security flaw. CMPD says they are seeing kids as young as 11 years old steal multiple cars in the span of three months. 

“You have the kids walking through checking locks to see if the car is open,” Major Torri Tellus said.  

CMPD has been hosting wheel-lock giveaways throughout the community. The locks also are available at local patrol divisions. 

CMPD says they continue to work to reach juveniles who may need guidance, but they need the community’s help. 
“We’re not waving the white flag, but we do need we need help,” Lt. Petrius said. “It’s going to take everybody; it’s going to take all of us to solve some of these problems.” 

2023 compared to 2022

The following breakdown below provides an overall snapshot of crime, year-to-date:

  • Violent crimes: 5,329 offenses in 2023 compared to 5,579 offenses in 2022
  • Homicides: 69 in 2023 compared to 85 in 2022
  • Rapes: 185 in 2023 compared to 217 in 2022
  • Armed robberies: 995 in 2023 compared to 1,114 in 2022
  • Property crimes: 27,842 offenses in 2023 compared to 24,378 in 2022
  • Residential burglaries: 1,464 in 2023 compared to 1,613 in 2022
  • Commercial burglaries: 1,569 in 2023 compared to 1,610 in 2022
  • Larcenies from automobiles: 8,291 in 2023 compared to 7,812 in 2022
  • Vehicle thefts: 5,824 in 2023 compared to 2,594 in 2022
  • Arsons: 106 in 2023 compared to 118 in 2022