LANCASTER COUNTY, S.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE) — Never before seen video from the Lancaster County Detention Center shows what led up to chaos behind bars.

In the video, you see one man, identified as Cedric Creighton, pacing back and forth in front of one cell as he appears to be talking to someone. Another inmate identified as Troy Moore exits his cell and the two appear to be arguing as other inmates watch.

After some time of arguing, Creighton stops, takes his socks off, walks back to Moore and hits him.

As the two wrestle, Raymond Bailey joins into the fight. Once on the ground, Moore took several blows to the head with hands and feet. The two beat him for more than 25 seconds. But that wasn’t it, Bailey comes out nearly two minutes after the fight, grabs a broom and hits him several times. Moore didn’t move.

Moments after, officers say someone broke a window, poured soap and water on the floor and threatened to harm any officers who tried to get into the cell. And at one point, even a fire broke out.

According to a statement from the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, “The fire caused no structural damage to the detention center. Fire personnel checked the detention center to make sure the fire was completely out and the facility was safe.”

The statement also says “Officers observed one of the inmates bleeding heavily and made the decision to enter the cell block. It was determined the inmate cut himself intentionally likely with a piece of glass from the broken window. He was treated by EMS personnel on scene and airlifted from the landing zone at the detention center to a medical facility for treatment. A deputy flew with the inmate. The inmate is expected to recover.”

Creighton was charged with Assault and Battery by a Mob 3rd Degree. Bailey is accused of encouraging the other inmates to disobey the officers’ commands. He was charged with Assault and Battery by a Mob 3rd Degree, Inciting Prisoners to Riot, Arson 3rd Degree, Willful Injury to a Courthouse or Jail, and Carrying a Weapon by an Inmate.

Steven Darryl Lucas, Jr., age 28, shielded Bailey from the officers’ view as Bailey attempted to tie the cell block door shut with an article of clothing to prevent officers from entering. He was charged with Participating in a Riot by Prisoners.

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