GASTONIA, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – Three men have been arrested after they tried to sell about $4,000 worth of stolen Marvel comic books and Marvel collectible figures from a local store, according to the Gastonia Police Department.

The theft was reported on Tuesday, March 21, at Gamers Alley located on Cox Road.

Police said the men had come into Gamers Alley and were trying to sell comic books and collectibles that employees already knew had been stolen from another comic book store.

The stolen Marvel collectible figures were Captain America, Iron Man, and other Avengers characters. Gastonia officers determined that the three men had recently used a stolen credit card to fraudulently purchase the comic books and collectibles from a store in Cary.

After the fraudulent purchase was discovered, the employee of the store in Cary then called the employees at Gamers Alley and warned them to be on the lookout for anybody trying to sell these stolen items.

The three men were charged with fraud and theft. One man was given a $50,000 bond, one received a $5,000 bond, and the third man received a $2,500 bond.