NORTH CAROLINA (QUEEN CITY NEWS) — Records show a Charlotte man had apparently tried to commit suicide before he was found in a car belonging to his missing girlfriend.

In warrants released Tuesday by Mecklenburg County Court, there were additional details on the events leading up to Allisha Watts’ disappearance and the reporting of her missing.

The initial complaint about Watts’ disappearance showed that she and her boyfriend, James Dunmore, “missed a comedy show at Bojangles Coliseum where they had already purchased tickets” and further advised that Watts had not shown up for work all week.

The complaint, which was from a cousin, noted that this “is extremely out of character.”

The report on Watts’ disappearance was filed by CMPD on July 19, 2023.

A day prior, on July 18, Dunmore was found in Watts’ car in Anson County, and “was inside the vehicle and was the victim of an apparent suicide attempt.” It further noted that, “Allisha was not in the vehicle.”

Search warrants indicate that police were looking for “any evidence of the crime of murder to include, but not limited to, pistols, shotguns, firearms, and any other dangerous weapons, which may include lives or other deadly sharp instruments, and ligatures,” along with electronic devices and any personal devices, keys, and any blood.

Tuesday’s release of the search warrants comes as there are new revelations about Dunmore’s criminal past out-of-state. Dunmore, who has a Charlotte address on Pamela Lorraine Drive, has had several previous addresses in Virginia.

Past charges include assault and battery, stalking, and abduction.

According to the Virginia Judiciary, Dunmore was indicted in March 2002 for felony third-offense assault and battery, and felony abduction. Dunmore was sentenced to serve five years, with four years suspended, and unsupervised for 15 years in this case.

In 1997, Dunmore was charged with felony escape. This case has been marked as ‘resolved.’ In 2000, Dunmore was then charged with felony assault and battery. This case appears to have been dismissed by prosecutors. Then in 2006, Dunmore was charged with stalking. This case was resolved in 2007 through a guilty plea, records show.

Dunmore was reportedly dating Allisha Watts, 39, of Moore County, NC, who has been missing for more than two weeks now and was last seen on July 16, 2023, leaving a home on Pamela Lorraine Drive in Charlotte, Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police said.

CMPD briefly addressed the missing person case in late July stating their detectives are “following all leads and using all available resources to locate Watts.”

CMPD said detectives have been in communication with immediate family members of Watts and their designee to provide updates and request relevant information.

In late July, CMPD and the Anson County Sheriff’s Office confirmed with Queen City News Watts’ vehicle, a black 2023 Mercedes Benz GLC 300, was located on July 18 at a DMV in Anson County.

According to the sheriff’s office, an ‘unresponsive’ man, identified as James Dunmore, was found inside Watts’ vehicle at the DMV. Dunmore was taken from the DMV to the hospital for treatment. The next day, on July 19, a Missing Persons Report was filed by CMPD on Watts.

The sheriff’s office connected the found vehicle in Anson County to Watts’ case and notified CMPD of the discovery; a search was conducted around the Anson County DMV for Watts and yielded no results.

CMPD traveled to Anson County in July to take custody of Watts’ vehicle. The sheriff’s office said Dunmore, who was found in her car, was in the hospital from at least July 18 to July 20.

As of July 20, the whereabouts of Dunmore are unknown. Queen City News confirmed the home Watts was reported missing from, is listed as Dunmore’s residence on Pamela Lorraine Drive.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police visited the home of Dunmore in late July. Watch below:

Queen City News continues to reach out to CMPD for more information.

On Tuesday night, Aug. 1, family and friends plan to gather again in Southern Pines, North Carolina, for a candlelight vigil. More than 100 people gathered last week, praying for her to return home safely.

“Please, let’s just bring her home. Find Allisha Watts; that’s all we need to see. Share it with your family, find Allisha Watts, that’s all,” one speaker pleaded with the crowd last week.

“Her smile is like what you see in the pictures; that’s her personality. I have never seen her in a bad way,” Dorothy Brower had said, who is a part of the Legion Auxiliary Unit 177.

Anyone with information on Watts’ whereabouts is asked to call 9-1-1 or Charlotte Crime Stoppers at 704-334-1600. All tips can be made anonymously.