CHARLOTTE, N.C. (QUEEN CITY NEWS) – We’re all paying more at the pump. But it’s not just gas prices causing concern throughout the Carolinas, but a supply shortage that could affect everything from groceries to building supplies and anything else we buy.

When filling up, most people don’t often pay attention to the cost of diesel or even head over to the trucking side of the gas station. But as the demand for diesel climbs and supply drops, many truckers say that what happens to them impacts everyone.

“So, I’m heading over to Atlanta to actually pick up one of my drivers. We’re going to be team driving right now; that’s one way we’re trying to fight diesel prices and increase more revenue,” said Omar Edwards, who started his trucking company last year.

Edwards says diesel has become so expensive he’s had to lay off workers. But it’s not just paying for diesel that worries him, but getting it.

While the price of diesel is hitting record highs, supplies are hitting record lows.

“So it’s almost approaching $6,” said driver, Esau Garnett.

All along the East Coast, diesel supplies are down, according to industry experts.

According to Bloomberg, there are a handful of reasons why supplies are low. Those reasons include refinery closures during COVID and Europe needing more diesel from the U.S. because of Russian oil bans.

Some drivers worry that there could be rationing and even higher prices in the future.

“If it continues like this, I’ll have to park my truck,” said Garnett.

Loves is monitoring the situation, according to a statement on its website. They wrote that they’ve had minimal outages during certain hours and that as of Sunday night, they don’t have any plans to restrict diesel.

Drivers said, if they can’t catch a break, everyone will feel the hit.

“A lot of these trucks you see now are not going to be here anymore. A lot of these trucks are a small company like myself that just can’t afford to pay these high prices,” said Edwards.