(CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) — All we can say is, thank goodness we’re removed from last week’s night of high school football. Oh, you didn’t know? Maybe you don’t want to know. It was Friday, the 13th! And weird things always happen on Friday, the 13th!

Weddington Triple Threat: Weird things like our first top-play nominee. This was Weddington opening up the bag of tricks against Sun Valley. It’s Tyler Budge to Ian McDermaid. All the way downfield to Keenan Jackson for the touchdown. Some much-needed good luck as good things come in threes. The Warriors would get the big win 42-3.

Micah Gilbert | Charlotte Christian senior: Did Jadyn Davis break a mirror? How else would you explain this bad luck from the Providence Day quarterback? Then again, maybe it was the skill second from our second nominee. The senior came up with the pick, then took it downfield setting up a Charlotte Christian touchdown a few plays later. 

Brody Barnhardt | Providence Day Senior: But ultimately it would not be enough. The senior didn’t step up on any cracks but he may have stepped on a few lines on his way for a long Chargers touchdown as he earns the right to be this week’s third top play nominee. Providence Day would go on to get the win 47 to gasp 13.

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