(NEXSTAR) – “Cupid corn”? What? Who? When did that become a thing?

Perhaps the sweetest Valentine’s Day tradition — aside from telling your significant other how much they mean to you, and yada yada yada, or whatever — is candy. Valentine’s Day spending is expected to reach $23.9 billion in 2022, and Americans are planning to spend a good chunk of that on sweets, according to the National Retail Federation.

In fact, a survey commissioned by the NRF found that 56% of Americans consider candy to be one of the most essential gifts on Valentine’s Day, followed by cards and flowers.

But Americans may be divided on their favorite Valentine’s Day candies, according to a study from CandyStore.com. Using 14 years of sales data from its own retail platform — as well as data from “industry partners” — the online outlet has allegedly determined the most popular Valentine’s Day candies in each of the United States.


So, what were the preferred candies of America’s romantics?

Heart-shaped boxes of chocolates — that old standby — were determined by CandyStore.com to be the favorite purchase of 17 states. Conversation hearts and Valentine’s-themed M&Ms followed in second and third place, the favorite of 12 states and nine states, respectively.

Somewhat less popular were chocolate roses, the apparent favorite of Kentucky and Wyoming, and candy necklaces, which only Alabama seems particularly keen on.

Looking to stock up on your sweetheart’s (supposedly) favorite sweets? A complete list of each state’s preferred Valentine’s candy, according to Candystore.com, can be found below.

All that other sappy stuff — confessions of love, or romantic date ideas, and whatever — is up to you.

AlabamaCandy Necklaces
AlaskaConversation Hearts
ArkansasHershey Kisses
CaliforniaConversation Hearts
ColoradoHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
ConnecticutHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
DelawareHershey Kisses
FloridaConversation Hearts
GeorgiaHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
HawaiiConversation Hearts
IdahoConversation Hearts
IllinoisConversation Hearts
IndianaHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
KentuckyChocolate Roses
LouisianaConversation Hearts
MaineChocolate Hearts
MassachusettsHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
MichiganHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
MinnesotaHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
MississippiHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
MissouriConversation Hearts
MontanaChocolate Hearts
NebraskaCupid Corn
NevadaHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
New HampshireHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
New JerseyM&M’s
New MexicoHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
New YorkHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
North CarolinaHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
North DakotaM&M’s
OhioHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
OklahomaConversation Hearts
Rhode IslandChocolate Hearts
South CarolinaConversation Hearts
South DakotaHershey Kisses
TennesseeHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
TexasHershey Kisses
UtahHershey Kisses
VirginiaConversation Hearts
WashingtonHeart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
Washington, D.C.Heart-Shaped Box of Chocolates
West VirginiaCupid Corn
WisconsinConversation Hearts
WyomingChocolate Roses