(QUEEN CITY NEWS) — The hectic holiday travel season is fast approaching. If you are planning to fly, what will be in your carry-on bag?

While the Transportation Security Administration expects to screen everything from Thanksgiving turkeys to precious presents, you may be surprised by the items allowed as carry-ons that you never thought about. 

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Most flyers are aware of the basic rules regarding what you can and cannot carry on a flight.

The TSA’s 3-1-1 Rule is well-known. It allows a passenger to carry up to 3.4 ounces of liquid in travel-size containers that can fit in a quart-size bag. That’s one bag per customer. If you think the 3 oz. limit is frivolous, there is a method to the TSA’s madness. For security reasons, the limit is based on the amount of liquid needed for a serious bomb blast.     

There is an exception for mothers…no limit on the amount of breast milk; however, be aware, that TSA officers may need to test it. Not sure what that involves. 

From breast milk to booze, you can carry mini-bottles of your favorite liquor onboard, but they must fit in a quart-size plastic bag and cannot be consumed on board. Passengers are prohibited from drinking their own alcohol. It must be provided and served by airline flight attendants and never to intoxicated customers.  

Some surprising things you can carry onboard according to Insider.com and TSA that were once banned post 911, include small scissors. They must have less than 4-inch blades. Certain tools are allowed as a carry-on, plus ice skates and even fishing poles as long as they meet your airline’s carry-on size limitations.

Hooks must be stored in checked bags. Want to carry on a camping stove? Why not? It’s allowed, as long as it is emptied of fuel and doesn’t reek of propane.

And for that one last flight with a deceased loved one…cremated remains are permitted to fly in the cabin, as long as they are stored in a wood or plastic container. Car parts, and even airbrush make-up machines can ride alongside passengers as well.

Hungry? Just about any type of food may be brought on board, including seafood and fresh eggs. They will have to pass through scanners. TSA officials say this causes no harm to edibles.

Crockpots and even antlers get the green light to fly as carry-ons. Snow globes, too, as long as they are no bigger than a tennis ball.     

It’s always good to check with your airline beforehand and remember, whatever you carry onboard, the final decision rests with a TSA officer on whether an item is allowed through a checkpoint.

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