CHARLOTTE (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) — The Charlotte Knights unveiled its new CLT Blue color scheme and logo – an effort to connect baseball with the rest of the city.

“We thought we needed something with more color,” said Knights General Manager Rob Egan, “and the color only made sense to be blue to be in Charlotte.”

The Knights will promote the new look with the tagline “It’s all Charlotte,” which is inspired by other great sports towns like Pittsburgh and Seattle where all the sports teams share similar color schemes and end up representing the city as a whole.

“I see this blue and I think about Charlotte,” said Knights outfielder Mike Daniel. “It’s some type of variation [of blue] with every team.”

Carolina native and Knights pitcher, Mike Wright agrees.

“It’s awesome to connect all the sports teams and it will be amazing to one day see an MLB team here so if these are the colors moving forward for that then that would be awesome.”

Charlotte might be a few years away from any potential major league team, but the Knights have made steps for that kind of relevancy.

“Moving into the city was one thing. Changing the destination to CLT – a minor thing, but one that we thought important [was another],” said Egan, “And then this was the next step, and that is not only bringing something that’s a little more modernized of a look but also had color.  It only made sense to be blue to be in Charlotte.”