CHARLOTTE, NC  – The beautiful thing about a game at Truist Field is wherever you go the view is pretty good. There’s not a single section that gives you a bad view of the field and as an added bonus, a portion, if not all of the Uptown skyline can be seen from just about all area.

“There’s not a bad seat in this house, there really isn’t,” says Tommy Viola, VP of Communications for the Charlotte Knights.

Even though there isn’t a bad seat, just like Goldilocks, we wanted to find the seat that’s just right. So, we sat down with Viola breaking down some of the best places to lean back, munch on some peanuts and Cracker Jack and watch the game.

We started in right field, with the home run porch.

“It’s a really fun atmosphere to just hang out, spend some time with friends, but really looking down at the field and it’s one of my favorite places in the ballpark,” says Viola.

The only downside is that you’re in the outfield, but the name says why it’s a huge plus you’re in a perfect spot to catch a dinger. As Viola says, the porch allows you to almost hang over the field, so fans really get to take the game in at an interesting angle.

However, if you want to catch that long ball and you’re in a large group, there’s a great spot for that.

the left field’s picnic area.

“For a picnic, you can bring as many of your friends as you want, you can rent out the areas. So, it’s a great place to hang with family and friends,” says Viola.

If you’re not concerned with catching homers (not Homer the Dragon, you can catch him all over the park) and want a closer view of the balls and strikes – your best bet for that is right behind home plate in Section 111.

“You’re really close to the action and you’re behind a net too which is keeping everybody safe as well,” says Viola.

Then, there’s arguably the prime place for catching the game the third baseline. The section gives you the best view of the Uptown skyline and a great view of the field.

“If I had to pick, I’d say it probably is number one. People want to be on the third-base side, so they get the skyline view. The Knights are in the home dugout, which is on the first base side, but when you’re sitting here you can see right in the dugout which is pretty cool,” says Viola.