CHARLOTTE, N.C. (CHARLOTTE SPORTS LIVE) – Charlotte Hornets’ fans are some of the smartest among the NBA, according to a report by

They ranked No. 9 on the list.

A recent study ‘shows the relationship between education and intellect and claims that each additional year of education contributes 1-5 additional IQ points.’ crunched those numbers to reflect the NBA’s smartest fanbases.

The top 10 list can be seen below:

Smartest fans in NBA (Courtesy:

The chart shows that Charlotte trails closely behind the Atlanta Hawks and Los Angeles Clippers, whose bases rank among the most likely to have an upper-secondary education.

Hornets fans trail closely behind the two, with 26.6% of their supporters earning post-secondary qualifications.

With a final index score of 8.455, Charlotte is sandwiched between Los Angeles (8.491) and Sacramento (8.499).