CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — Richard brewer is quick to tell you his dog, Anka, saved his life.

“I felt society had just tossed me aside and I couldn’t find my way,” Brewer said.

Brewer, a Marine Corps veteran wounded in an attack, says he reached a very low point, after he was out of the service, when he tried to kill himself.
“I took her (Anka) and she needed me but unbeknownst, I needed her more,” Brewer said.

He rescued Anka from the pound, and she gave him a reason to live.

“She kind of redefined my life. If you own a dog, you have to take the dog outside. It must pee. it must go to the bathroom outside. You take it wherever you go because it becomes something you focus on instead of the bad things that are out there,” Brewer said.

That’s why he started the One Warrior Won organization getting results for other veterans by pairing them with service dogs. Brewer’s group works with the Patriot Military Family Foundation and Saving Grace K9s.

“She’s come and rescued me is how I look at it,” Scott Alexander, an 82nd Airborne Army veteran from Shelby, said of his dog, Delta.

“She’s changed my life. This summer, for the past years, I haven’t really left the house much,” Alexander said.

Derek Jacob, an Army veteran, who lives in Mooresville, was recently paired with his dog, Kramer.

“If he’s (Kramer’s) there, he’s always willing to do something for me, my family can see it. My stress level’s gone down a lot,” Jacob said.