WILLIAMSTON, N.C. (WNCT) — Martin County citizens left yet another Board of Commissioners meeting Monday evening frustrated due to no open session taking place and very little information about what’s being discussed in closed session.

Citizens have complained about county officials holding closed-session meetings and a lack of transparency. The agenda approval and two items listed under the closed-session section on the agenda was NCGS 143-318 Attorney Client Privilege and NCGS 143-318 Real Property Purchase, contracts and leases.

Citizens angrily pointed out that the county attorney wasn’t there, there was no chance for public comment or an open session.

“We have too many closed sessions,” said Richard “Chip” Myers, a Martin County citizen. “What are they hiding from us? Why do we have to have every session closed session? It makes us wonder really what’s going on.

“I believe most everybody has a lack of trust. Nobody seems to be happy with what’s going on right now.”

After the meeting adjourned, Commissioner Joe Ayers said he wasn’t able to go into detail about what was discussed due to certain legalities.

October 31 is County Manager James Bennett’s last day. Martin County’s Attorney Ben Eisner has been named interim county manager. His role will begin on Wednesday through the rest of the year.