CHARLOTTE, N.C. — One month ago Restore Global was packing boxes and shipping critical supplies to Wuhan, China, the epicenter of the coronavirus outbreak. Now, supplies are being distributed locally as the pandemic grows here at home.

“Our partners still must meet the need of our most vulnerable and the way that we can help support them to do really, really good is to provide the resources to support the,” said Steven Wray with Restore Global. 

A new study produced by Harvard Global Health Institute shows that the pandemic is on track to cause a shortage of tens of thousands of hospital beds in the Queen City alone. The study says in a best case scenario, 20 percent of Charlotte’s population will contract COVID-19 with more than 80,000 needing to be hospitalized. 

Right now, there are less than 2,000 available beds. Steven says the numbers are staggering, but there’s still time for people in the community to do their part to flatten the curve, and Wray says it starts with making sure everyone has the resources needed to protect themselves especially those serving our vulnerable populations. 

“Level the curve to reduce the opportunity and mitigate the likelihood of our hospitals being overrun,” Wray said. 

7-0 forward serves the disabled community in Charlotte. Friday they were able to pick up boxes of gloves and masks. Some to protect themselves, others for those they serve. 

“It’s scary there’s also a shortage of ventilators, there’s a shortage of so many other things in the community and that’s why what Steve is doing is so important because you can’t put a number on that,” said Amy Anderson.  

The Harvard Study highlights scenarios ranging from 6 to 18 months out. Restore Global is hopeful more people step up to keep those numbers from becoming a reality.