CHARLOTTE, N.C. (FOX 46 CHARLOTTE)- Bank of America Stadium is using a new high-tech system to keep fans and players safe from endzone to endzone.

“This was just new technology. It was exciting technology,” said Scott Paul, VP of Stadium Operations.

The Panthers are just the fourth NFL team equipped with a high-tech weather station.

“You’ll be able to pull that information up and see real-time, what’s coming, what’s potentially around the corner, and the data that we’re using to make a decision to keep our fans safe,” Paul said.

This station is solar-powered and connects to the internet through cell modems.

“If you have a weather station that is being used to monitor severe weather and the weather gets really bad and the power and internet goes out, what’s the point of having the weather station in the first place?” WeatherSTEM CEO and founder Ed Mansouri said.

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They mounted the station with two cameras facing Uptown, adding wind sensors, temperature sensors, humidity sensors at different levels of the stadium, with data touching down every 0.8 seconds.

Its uses go beyond game days, it calculates wet bulb globe temperature.

“That helps us make determinations in how we staff from an emergency response perspective with medics,” Paul said.

Wet bulb globe temperature is a more detailed way to pinpoint heat index by adding sun intensity and wind.

“The coach might make a decision if it’s too high to go inside and practice, or maybe he practices in the morning versus the afternoon.”

Basically, it lets you know if it’s too hot to practice the playbook. When it comes to storms, it tracks lightning down to the minute and mile to advise delays.

For Mansouri, bringing player safety to the field and weather awareness to the fan experience is his own kind of touchdown.


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