BONNEAU, S.C. (WCBD)- A Berkeley County elementary school student got more than just candy in her trick-or-treat bag.

Days after returning home from trick-or-treating in the Foxbank community of Moncks Corner, Angel Greene found something unusual in her daughter’s bucket of candy: a ring.

“We got home and the kids were tired so they took a shower and went to sleep,” Greene said.
“So yesterday, when my daughter got home from school, she dumped her bucket out on the bed and came running out, saying ‘Mommy, I found somebody’s ring in my bucket.'”

Greene decided to post the ring on Facebook to see if she could find the owner. Nearly 800 people shared the post.

“Yesterday, so many people said it was their ring, of course, not being honest,” she said.

She then received a message from someone she knew claiming the ring was theirs. But, Greene said she was skeptical at first since her friend had not been in Foxbank.

“I went and looked at it and looked at the picture she sent and I was like ‘yeah this is yours, but how did my daughter get it?’,” she said.

Turns out, a 6-year-old boy had taken the ring and put it in Greene’s 7-year-old daughter’s candy at school which she then emptied into the rest of her Halloween stash at home.

Greene said she is glad to be able to reunite the ring with her friend whom it belongs to.

“It feels good,” Greene said. “I was taught to always be honest, always be truthful…and I’m teaching my kids the same thing.”

“I was taught to always be honest, always be truthful,” Greene said.

The ring is expected to be returned to its owner Friday.