BOONE, N.C. — The Boone Police Department announced Sunday that one of its beloved K9s, Kyra, died due to a medical condition.

Detective Lyall was her partner and had been working together in the narcotics division since June 2017.

Captain Le Beau released a statement. “Kyra has served our department, our community and indeed North Carolina well. We are grateful for her contributions and we will miss her. I wish to send my condolences to Detective James Lyall and his family. Most of us have pets that we love.

We go to work and see them again when we come home. Since Kyra was James’ partner she spent her whole life with James creating a strong bond between the two.”

Kyra was described as the “single best narcotics detector I’ve ever worked with,” said Lieutenant Duckworth, and is credited with seizing over eight pounds of meth, three ounces of cocaine, 46 grams of heroin, and contributed to the arrests of 63 drug traffickers.