CHARLOTTE, NC (FOX 46 WJZY) — A Charlotte city council woman sent out a heated tweet comparing President Donald Trump to Hitler on Friday.

Council woman LaWana Mayfield, representative for district 3, sent the tweet around 11:00 a.m. saying: “For all who read about Hitler you are now living how he reigned in #45 #DraftDoger #ClinicalSociopath #ASKAboutYemen #IdiotinChief”

 “45” is a pejorative alias many of President Trump’s critics have used to refer to him.

About an hour after the first tweet, Mayfield sent out another tweet, again referring to Trump as “#45” and calling him a “Disgrace to the Nation.” 

The tweet also included a link to an early July NPR article titled “Trump Tweets Clip Of Him Bodyslamming CNN; Network Says ‘Do Your Job'”.

The article discussed a clip the president tweeted that showed him bodyslamming a person whose head was covered by a photo-shopped ‘CNN’ logo.

The council woman later sent another tweet referencing President Trump, saying: “I wish the media would question #45 about WHY we were in Niger they want to ?? My posts about #45 #WhyWereWeinNiger #Investigate

Mayfield released a statement Friday evening apologizing for the brevity of the message left on Twitter, but she didn’t back down from the sentiments conveyed. 

“While my words chosen have offended some, my intent was to bring attention to the continued crisis that we face each day while this president is leading us. My post angered some and I stay in a state of anger every day I watch the news and this like many posts was shared to shine a light on hypocrisy and the discourse rising in our Nation.” 

Click here to view the full statement, or view it below.